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BARB Expert Interviews

BARB Expert Interviews: Live Sassy and Inspired with Heather Filipowicz

Do you ever feel like your dream job isn’t exactly what you wanted after all? Are you tired of trying to fit someone else’s mold? Do you want foster a partnership of both growth and romance? In this Be A Real Beauty Expert Interview, I chat with my friend, Heather Filipowicz, of Sassy Inspiration. Heather […]


How to make duxelles: <br> Weekend Cooking Techniques #4

This post is a part of The Development of Taste Classics Series. These posts were first seen on Renia’s original food blog. Read Born Hungry to learn more about how Renia found a path to her Real Beauty story through cooking. Want a 25 minute dinner that tastes and presents like a gourmet restaurant main dish? […]


25 Fun, Free and Easy Ways to Get Fit Without the Gym

If you hate exercise, this big giant list of fun and free ways to get fit is for you. Moving your body shouldn’t be punishment and you definitely shouldn’t dread doing it. Movement should feel just as good as eating a piece of chocolate cake or having a glass of wine with your girlfriends. One […]